“If at first you don’t succeed, cheat!”

Yes, we first and foremost agree with the health fundies, you should be eating healthy, exercise, drink pure water and get plenty of beauty sleep. But what if life just happened?

You get invited to that wonderful event, and there are pastries, chocolate cake and champagne, potato fries and crunchy, oily chicken and shrimp snacks… To top it all, you used to be a smoker and you get offered a cigar! Midnight calls for fireworks and that lovely cocktail or EXTRA beer, as if you didn’t have too many already…

Do you fall? Do you fall so hard that your head hurts the next morning? Don’t think you are alone, you are just a bit human sometimes. You may forgive yourself. It is not the end of the world. Just fix it!

Fix it? How? It is real simple:

One For All contains Dandelion and Acetyl Cysteine, which will both help to detoxify your liver. It also contains Chromium to help sort out your pancreas that you overloaded with sugar. And most of all, the digestive enzymes and Co-Enzyme Q10 is a winning recipe to help your stomach, colon and blood purify and cleanse itself. Yes, your body is perfectly capable of doing all this on its own, but why won’t you want to help out a bit and make it easier? Imagine it like washing dishes. You will probably be able to clean the dishes just fine with cold water, but warm water and dish washing liquid makes the task so much easier and faster, not to mention better!