Testimonial by Sharon Higgs

Testimonial by Sharon Higgs

Good day Leonie, I have been using One For All supplements since 2012 and never felt better in all my life.

I suffered from severe headaches and migraines, bloating, nausea, constipation, swelling of my abdomen, pain, discomfort, etc. High blood pressure, cholesterol, weight gain, joint and muscle pain…According to the specialist surgeon all these symptoms are because of constipation. I am only 56 years old now, and had these symptoms for many years before 2012 until I saw this on TV. (KykNet to be exact).

I have none of these symptoms while I am taking One For All. – HO. July 2016.

2011/09/15 Leonie, I would like to share the following with you: This April I sent an e-mail to you, asking whether One For All will help with my backache. I was happy to try it, as you explained what the different ingredients do and how it may possibly help me. I used One For All for 3 months and experienced great improvement! The pain in my back and my sore joints were almost completely gone, although I have suffered for a long time before using One For All. I decided to stop the use of One For All, just to make sure that the pain was truly going away because of One For All and not for maybe another reason. I was quite amazed when my backache and sore joints returned! Obviously I started using One For All again immediately and I can promise you, your product: One For All works! I thank you for your advice and wish you great things for the future! I have also told my whole family to start using One For All. Kind Regards, without any pains and aches, FRANS DU PREEZ (072 412 2266) E & MG COMPONENTS (PTY) LTD TEL. 018 771 2622/3 FAX: 018 771 2376 e/mail:dupreezmm@telkomsa.net • This testimonial was translated from Afrikaans to English.

I used to have high blood pressure. By the time I started using my second unit of One For All, my blood pressure is normal. I feel young again in body and spirit! Thanks Leonie! Marius 0828008590 • This testimonial was translated from Afrikaans to English.

Hi Leonie My Dad (75) started losing weight suddenly, although he was skinny already. He was just not feeling well at all. The Blood tests showed diabetes as well as an iron deficiency and even a possibility of internal bleeding, but they could not see from where… He started using One For All and the results are fantastic! He started developing a healthy appetite and gained some weight. He started looking and feeling a lot better thanks to One For All. Regards, Theresa Potgieter 0713534124 • This testimonial was translated from Afrikaans to English.

Hi Leonie As you know I am an active person, who exercises daily and even compete on weekends. Other than Taking One For All, I did not make any changes to my intake of other vitamins or diet. As promised, herewith my testimony of the effect of One For All: 1. Decreased Appetite 2. No Cravings between meals 3. Increased Energy 4. Better Concentration 5. No more Mood Swings 6. Less Water Retention 7. No significant weight loss or gain, but my skin feels tighter I can really recommend this excellent product to anyone! Amelia Cilliers Business Development Manager • This testimonial was translated from Afrikaans to English.

14 June 2016
Good day
I’ve been using the “One for all” multi-nutrient for some time now and I am convinced it has sorted out a multitude of my niggling problems – from high Blood Pressure to digestive problems to low immunity. I would like to see if ordering directly from you will be a better option for me.
Can you please send me a quote for “One for all” as well as “One for flu”?
L Dippenaar.