One For All on the Banting Wagon

How did One For All get on the Banting Wagon? The answer is quite simple: I have always been pro-eating clean and pro-cutting grains and sugar out of one’s diet. Maybe not necessarily adding so much fat, but I have never said “eat low fat”. Read here how One For All started.

Myself, I really do not like to eat large portions of fat, cream, or anything that resembles it, but I have certainly never NOT eaten it. My friends used to always comment on the large portions of butter some people add to their bread, and I always told them that the butter is not the problem, it is the bread…and oh my word, do not get me started on the Margarine! If a restaurant only serves those horrible single servings of Margarine, I vowed to never go back to them.

The thing is, people, in general do not realize where the problems are with food these days. Have you ever noticed that a so called “healthier” snack like a famous “oats” bar contains more sugar and hydrogenated vegetable fat (Margarine) than a Bar One Chocolate?

My stomach used to give me hell when I ate bread and pasta, so I stopped eating it many moons ago. My weight dropped and stabilized, although I was never obese (BMI always below 25). Other health issues went away too, so I do not HAVE to Bant as such, but I certainly still, do not eat bread and sugar as part of my daily lifestyle…

What do you however recommend to someone like me? I LOVE to bake! I think I should have become a pastry chef. I always wanted my own restaurant. Banting baking is not fun, most of it is truly horrible (except maybe cheesecake) in taste and none of it even remotely resembles proper baked goods like the pastry chef in me can do. I suppose I just have to live with it. Bake cakes only for special occasions like I currently do.

But Why One For All then?

One For All is a supplement that can be used by All. It is full of digestive enzymes, so when you do cheat and have that awesome piece of proper chocolate cake (Baked with real eggs and real chocolate and real butter!!) at least One For All is there to help your colon cope. The other ingredients in One For All will help you to deal with the sugar (the Chromium), the Acetyl Cysteine and Dandelion will help your liver cope with the excess glucose and to put the cherry on top: The Co-Enzyme Q10 will help rebuild where there is any damage.

What more do you need? Nothing; but if you do eat better, healthier and Bant already, One For All can still help you reverse years of damage caused by your previously unhealthy lifestyle, it can even help you with those carb flu symptoms, cramps and gallstones!

PS. One For Flu also contains Banting friendly sweeteners. Not sugar like most fizzy flu remedies. 

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