As Natural Therapist Leonie Vorster studied subjects like nutrition and herbal medicine in 1998. The same year, a book by James F. Balch and Phyllis A. Balch was 

Published by the Avery Pub Group, Garden City Park, New York, U.S.A. (1998), namely: Prescription for Nutritional Healing. 

“I like referring to Prescription for Nutritional Healing, whenever I want to sharpen my memory or make double sure of what my advice is, to a patient”, says Leonie. The book has also been updated and re-published several times since 1998. 

It is funny how, for decades, Viruses have been all around us and people are infected by those daily, but yet, most people do not follow the advice of thousands of doctors and nutritionists, that have closely studied these organisms.

I quote from the book: “If you develop symptoms of a viral infection, do the following:

  • Avoid drinking out of the same glass or container as someone else; avoid sharing cigarettes, food, lipstick and eating utensils. 
  • Avoid heavy use of alcohol
  • Avoid passive smoking (second-hand smoke)
  • Eat a well-balanced diet including fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Consume fresh pineapple and Pawpaw (for the digestive enzyme quality)
  • Avoid mucus forming foods like animal protein, caffeine, dairy, processed foods, sugar and white flour products.
  • Rest in Bed
  • Drink plenty of high quality liquids


  • Antibiotics do not fight viruses


  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially after coughing or sneezing, after using the bathroom and before eating
  • Stay away from others who are sick, stay at home when you are sick
  • Maintain the best overall health by getting enough sleep, eating nutritiously, and exercising
  • Teach children not to touch their eyes and noses and not put things in their mouth
  • Scrub your desk at work with a disinfectant wipe once a week

One can ask, what is this COVID19 Pandemic, and what makes it so special?

Not too much actually. If people followed the advice as above, why do viruses seemingly spin out of control and kill our medical professionals?

Unfortunately, too many health care workers do not get the sleep they need, they do not eat fresh, nutritious food and they definitely don’t have time to exercise regularly. Furthermore, they do not have sufficient supplies to protect themselves against the bodily fluids of sick patients, which can easily infect them. 

You can boost your immune system naturally, by eating fruit and vegetables, you can even add a supplement or two that may contain extra vitamins and digestive enzymes such as One For All, and you can even treat some of the symptoms of COVID 19, by simply following centuries of advice, researched by thousands of medical doctors, or you can panic, and stay at home forever.  Either way, the choice remains yours and yours alone. Be healthy, follow some good advice, and who knows, you might end up better off than before COVID19 did its rounds. 

A quick reminder of just a few of the ingredients in One For All: (Read elsewhere on our website about all the ingredients and their functions)

Co-Enzyme Q10

  • Research studies suggest that low levels of Co Q10 are found in people with heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and HIV/AIDS. and all these conditions have been named as risk factors for COVID19. 

N- Acetyl Cysteine

  • Breaks down mucus in the respiratory tract and is therefore helpful in the treatment of bronchitis, emphysema and tuberculosis. 
  • Plays important role in activity of white blood cells, which fight disease

Vitamin E

  • There is evidence available that Vitamin E supplementation helps to improve the immune function of the elderly and helps to combat the harmful effects of cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

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